YouTuber Louis Dee Tracing Fred West
YouTuber Louis Dee Tracing Fred West

YouTuber Louis Dee Traces Serial Killer Fred West’s Time in Cumbria

YouTuber Louis Dee in 2021
YouTuber Louis Dee

Louis Davison a 26 year old rising YouTuber from Cumbria spends most of his time exploring creepy and old abandoned buildings, BUT in a one off series he is tracing the footsteps of notorious serial killers, including the Yorkshire Ripper, Ian Brady, Myra Hindley and Fred West.

Louis has released a episode focusing on the time Fred West was living in Cumbria. Fred West stayed at the Belted Will Inn near Brampton in the summer of 1976 before fleeing leaving everything behind including his clothes and money. The video goes into detail about West’s time in the County as he follows
the trail, from where he went day to day, where he slept and where he worked.

In the short documentary Louis says “I bet my house there’s body’s round here” suggesting he fled because of a murder in the area and didn’t want to be caught. Fred west died in 1995 awaiting trial, he died in Birmingham prison by committing suicide.

The full short documentary of Fred West’s time in Cumbria is now on Louis Dee Vlogs on his YouTube channel.