Erin D’Elia
Erin D’Elia

What Does Your Fear Look Like with Erin D’Elia

Seriously, beyond the obvious things that scare the daylights out of most of us, what scares you? 

“This is one of my fears. I am sitting on the ledge, slightly (or as close as I could take it!) hanging out and taking it in and processing the intensity of looking down and seeing the potential of falling endlessly.”

This is Yoga & Meditation –  

“I am not running away.

I am not dissociating from the moment.

I am showing UP!

I am Standing/Sitting here and not backing down.”

This is what happens when you begin to understand the “why” behind your fears and how they work. Over the last 14 years, I have forced myself to confront my fears, face the barriers created by my childhood trauma through hard work and a holistic approach. But, unfortunately, your worries are keeping you from living your life. They are holding you back, and it is high time you face them so you can start living the life you’ve always dreamed of.

If you need help showing up, book a 30-minute breakthrough with Erin at Thirty minutes could be all you need to change your life.

Erin D’Elia is a Certified Life Coach, Licensed Massage Therapist (MA#83313), Yoga Instructor RYT 200, Holy Fire III Reiki Master and Chef. Erin’s Childhood trauma shaped the arc of her professional and personal life, leaving her with seizures, allergies, anxiety, digestion issues, asthma, and failed relationships. The western medical community had no real answers that didn’t involve a long-life partnership with pills and life changes that would limit the opportunity for true happiness and success. In 2008, she took her desire to learn about health and wellness to a full-time professional career, hoping to help people who suffer from physical, emotional, and mental effects of life, trauma, and spiritual experiences that have been ruling their lives. With 14 years of practice and refinement, she has accumulated many ancient techniques that have been distilled into a coaching program that would naturally change lives. It is her passion to serve her community and open doors for people to grow and heal together.