Top Tips On How To Achieve Longer Lashes
Top Tips On How To Achieve Longer Lashes

Top Tips On How To Achieve Longer Lashes

Human nature and fashion trends are all attracted to long and thick eyelashes! With so many treatments and products on offer to help you achieve longer eyelashes, I have a few easy and natural tips you can use to achieve that wide-eyed look.

It appears that as we start to get older our lashes get thinner and shorter. Many reasons contribute to eyelash shedding and breakage, along with many treatments and options that can help you to lengthen your lashes. However, before you undergo an invasive beauty treatment, or invest in a prescription. Here are a few tricks that will help your eyelashes to look longer. 

Want to make your lashes look longer?

Follow this easy guide:

Longer Lashes Tip One: The first thing you need to do is to stop abusing your lashes. I have mentioned this about skin and hair, and this rule also applies if you want to achieve longer looking lashes. This means avoid scrubbing your eye area when you cleanse your face, as this can lead to eyelash shedding or breakage. Whether you are simply washing your face or removing waterproof mascara, it is important to gently wash away dirt and impurities to assist with saving your lashes. 

Longer Lashes Tip Two: Brush Your Lashes

This may sound strange, but try and include this step in your daily cleansing routine. Similar to the way we brush our teeth or hair, brushing our lashes using a good quality eyelash comb will help your eyelashes to look longer, even when you are not using mascara on your brush. It is also useful for separating your lashes before you apply your mascara. It’s best to avoid any clumps from the start. 

Longer Lashes Tip Three: A Healthy Lifestyle And Diet Also Play A Role In Longer Lashes

If you are healthy and well-nourished, your hair and skin will show it. A healthy lifestyle along with regular exercise promotes hair growth, and that includes your eyelashes. 

Longer Lashes Tip Four: Be Gentle When You Remove Your Mascara Or False Eyelashes

False eyelashes may be a great way to change how you look for a night out on the town, especially mink lashes. As fantastic as they may look, most false eyelash products can end up ripping a few of your natural lashes from the actual hair shaft as you try to remove them. The same applies to products such as waterproof mascara, which is also difficult to remove. When removing mascara or fake eyelashes, use an oil-based eye-makeup remover, along with a gentle cleanser to remove your lash enhancers and gently as you can to prevent eyelash breakage. 

There is a range of treatments and products that can help you to achieve the appearance of longer lashes. But when you follow this easy guide, you might not end up needing them. If you are looking for more dramatic results, we strongly advise that you first speak to your doctor about any prescription products. 

You can also choose from more traditional techniques and cosmetics to achieve longer looking eyelashes. My last tip to achieve a wide-awake and longer lash look is to invest in an eyelash curler. This device curls the lashes upwards, which will instantly make you look bright-eyed and more awake.