Emily Alexandra Guglielmo in 2021
Emily Alexandra Guglielmo in 2021

The Beauty And The Business: Emily Alexandra Guglielmo on Entrepreneurship and Philanthropy

Emily Alexandra Guglielmo in 2021
Emily Alexandra Guglielmo in 2021

She’s an internationally published model, a successful young CEO and a professional mermaid: Emily Alexandra Guglielmo has captured the hearts and minds of audiences around the world with her warm and candid personality.

But this empowered woman is so much more than a beautiful face and a curvaceous body; She is also a devout philanthropist who has made it a priority to help those who need it most through her nonprofit “Supporting Water” which has already had a tremendous impact in the lives of many. This year, Emily Alexandra and her team are set to embark on a life-changing journey through Kenya where the team hopes to help ease the pain of citizens who are not able to access clean water.

We recently chatted with the iconic Playboy® model and successful entrepreneur and she shared with us the story behind why she started her exciting journey and also shared a few fantastic tips;

When did you realize you wanted to follow your dreams and be in front of the camera?

I have always been a mermaid at heart since I was a little girl…same with modeling and acting. My father always had the video camera in my sister and I’s face .. lol. You get pretty confident and comfortable when you’re in front of the camera all the time! It wasn’t til I turned 18 when I decided to take on my acting/modeling career myself… I then chose to become a professional mermaid at age 22 with a tail from Mertailer.

We know you are actively involved your nonprofit, can you share some details?

Yes, I founded my very own non-profit called SupportingWater.org where I find and raise monies to bring drinking water to Third World Nations; I have also partnered up with C-Nymph.com where they create marine life conservation and ocean cleanups along. I am also a big advocate and partner with 1000 Mermaids: a non-profit that creates statues with artificial coral reef attached to it to go down into the ocean that can in fact help preserve and grow new coral reef. Really cool!

How have you been able to balance your entertainment career and the businesses you run, such as your cosmetics brand?

I have a cosmetics business, a mermaid business and a modeling/ acting career, a non-profit, and go to school and have many other endeavors…How do I find balance? Very good question …. I am a firm believer that everything in your life must be equally balanced or you will falter, experience burn out , or give up… I make sure I try and stay on somewhat of a routine to make sure all areas of my life get attention and service.

“By being kind and empathetic, you are able to effect positive change in the world. And ultimately, that should be our main goal always. At least that´s what I think.” –Emily affirms.

And while her business initiatives and her philanthropic efforts are both experiencing tremendous momentum, Emily Alexandra always finds time to continue her career as a professional mermaid, which in turn serves as a mutually-reinforcing bond that always brings her back to the love and passion she feels for the ocean, and every form of life that inhabits this vast and invaluable ecosystem.

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