Machai Music on Set
Machai Music on set.

Machai Released an All New EP That You Can Stream on SoundCloud

Breakthrough rising music artist Machai released a short and sweet EP that is available to now stream on SoundCloud. This 6 track EP titled, Love + Hate, offers something for everyone by delivering high energy tracks balanced with fun and trippy layers adding to the complexity and unique vibe. With this young multifaceted artist working steadily on undisclosed projects, there should be no doubt that Machai will deliver for listeners.

This Northern California native turned Los Angeles resident is beginning to reap the recognition he has been working steadily towards, landing him as a spotlight artist for 2021 here on Freshies Magazine. To keep up with the latest from Machai, find him on Instagram by searching @MegaMachai and by adding him to your playlist. You can enjoy the full Love + Hate EP by streaming it below via SoundCloud.